Monday, March 21, 2011

Thank You, God, For Mommy

Absolutely Amazing!!! I love love love this book! I read it to my son and he sat through the whole thing. I love the illustrations. I love the words. I love the meanings. I sat there and read this to Jude and had tears in my eyes cause I could relate. This book is GREAT!
Usually i'm not one for wanting to just focus on mommy or daddy , but this book hit the spot for the sappy mommy. I'd like to see them make one geared for the daddy too. I could only imagine how lovely that one would be.
I save these books so my son doesn't destroy them and read them periodically and I find myself wanting to pull him aside and read this one to him all the time.
I definately recommend this book and would most assuredly recommend it to anyone else. Thank you Thomas Nelson for another amazing book!!!

5+++ stars in my book.

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