Thursday, September 9, 2010

One Hand, Two Hands

I recently received the book " One Hand, Two Hands" by Max Lucado. It is about all different things we can do with our hands, it's a child's book with lovely illustrations. My son enjoyed it and actually sat through me reading it.
The only problems that I have with the book are that the illustrations are just girls.
I have a boy and while he loved looking at it, it's not always his first pick because of the fact that it's "girly".
I also didn't like how some of the Colorful words indicated what the hands were doing, while some didn't. I think they should have made all the words in color, be those that were actions so that the children could identify with what the hands were suppose to be doing.
As always, I thoroughly enjoyed the book i received and would recommend it to my friends and family. Good choice for a children's book.

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