Friday, October 12, 2012

Dinner Last Night

Last night for dinner I actually cooked!
I made a cucumber, olive, mozzarella, and tomato salad. Some creamy mushroom penne, and Parmesan bread crumb chicken. It tasted delicious underneath all my sickies, so I can only imagine how amazing it would have tasted if I hadn't of been sick. I was just thinking though that the mozzarella didn't really have the full flavor that i was looking for so next time to bring out the taste of the cheese, I may go ahead and use feta.
Anyway, it was really good and I wish that my stomach could have eaten more but it didn't. I don't feel like posting a recipe, but it's pretty self explanatory. If you want to know how I made a particular thing (like if you're just dying to know) email me at and i'll be totally glad to give it to you. I'm just not feeling too well and my mind is boggled so blogging it isn't gonna happen tonight.
~*~ K~*~

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