Saturday, May 8, 2010

This Day x Huh?

Motherhood has been rough this past week or so.
My little boy has, over the last month or so, double ear infection, mulitple kissable boo-boo's, and 4 teeth trying to come in. In addition, he has allergies but loves being outside so his nose is constantly running.
I have been with him virtually all week, which is amazing that i get to spend this time with my son whom i've barely seen for the last 8 months. We however live in a tiny studio apartment and the weather's been crappy so we've both gotten cabin fever. We survived though!!!
I lost my client due to his sister pulling him from the company that i work for so I haven't worked since last friday, i was paying for jude to be at daycare so i was struggling with a big decision on whether or not to keep him in it (me being temp. jobless) and i made the decision to bring him home.
Jude had a rough evening last night. He woke up around 2 and didn't get back to sleep till 6, of course mommy is the one who has the soft, patient, heart to deal with a fussy toddler in the middle of the night, so I got to be the one to deal with the tossing and turning of an antsy little boy. He however did finally get to sleep and as the sun was starting to come out i drifted off till the alarm went off a couple hours later.
One thing i've realized being a mother is, we are the first to rise and the last to sleep. And that's okay....
Anyway today jude went shopping with the guys and grammie and I went to a booksale and a rummage sale. I found him some books I use to have when i was a child and some newer ones that i plan to build my children's library with. They have so many amazing children's books and getting them for 25-50 cents a piece is even more amazing!
Needless to say by the time we got home it was time for his invisible nap, meaning: it didn't happen!
I went home after taking Brandon to work and tried to get him down but he wasn't having any part of it and then...... the landlord knocked repeatedly on our door and told me some jibberish about how we need to keep the curtain inside the bathtub cause apparently the ceiling has fell through twice due to water coming down.... odd. okay then.
So jude and i left, got out of the house. Went to target where he shrieked, screamed, and whined the whole time... Some moronic guy decided to blurt out that he "should smack that kid" and... as a mother i had to do my best not to say anything :-X so i did just that, i gave him a kind little "don't you EVER say that about my child" glare and he ran away.
I didn't find anything at our lovely, ghetto, target so i decided to venture across the street to the Dollar store.. Found a couple things there but jude was miserable so i took him home. He cried and whined the whole way here.
I fed him some yogurt, gave him some medicine and let him help shred white chocolate. Adorable, he ate most of the chunk instead.

We then ate dinner which he wanted no part of and bathed. By 6:15 he was out. like. a light.
My point of all this is that i remained pretty calm considering. I texted my mom and asked her if she wanted to take him *LOL* but she declined.
So my little prince is over in his bed, his lullaby's going softly in the background. Everynow and then i'll go past him and see his sweetness and realize that he is miserable with his ears, his teeth, and his booboos, so i kiss my fingers and press them on his little sweaty head. I put back his covers that he's kicked off and tell him I love him.
He is the greatest motherhood roughness there is.....

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