Monday, May 10, 2010

To Do: Lists

My dear husband doesn't always understand the need for me to make a list. He often times gets frustrated when I sit down with my little notebook and my pen, and start to jot down everything that's floating around in my head.
Without lists: I'd be dead. Not really, but i sure would feel like I've lost my mind. My mom says that's because I have a spaghetti brain and husbands have waffle brains. We, as women, have a trillion things on our minds and those neat little $1 store pads of paper come in very handy as we try to remember it all.
Take for instance going grocery shopping with your children, if you go to the grocery store needing to get a b c & d, but have no list, you end up getting e f & g, forgetting a & d, and getting the wrong b or c, so therefore you must list!

I have an ultimate list, it's a list of adventures I want to go on with my children. Sites that I want to expose them to, allow me to share that list with you (before I forget!)
  • The Jelly Belly Factory
  • Kohl's Children's Muesum
  • Police Station
  • Fire Station
  • Museum of Science & Industry
  • A tour of an Ambulance
  • Park (we have tons around here)
  • Library
  • Kid Movies
  • Chuck E. Cheese
  • Lincoln Park Zoo
  • Ice Cream Shop
  • McDonald's Playland
  • Picnics
  • Key Lime Cove
  • the Pet Store
  • Brookfield Zoo
  • Botanical Gardens
  • American Irish Mueseum
  • Navy Pier
  • The Beach
  • Six Flags Great America
  • The Art Mueseum
  • a tour of the Post Office
  • Amish Country
  • SPCA
  • Sledding
  • Homeless Shelter
  • Military Base
  • Holocost Mueseum
  • Court House
  • Baseball Games
  • a Radio Station tour
  • a tour of a Resturaunt
  • TV Station tour
  • Airport
  • Christmas lights Lane
  • to see Santa at the Mall
  • The play place at the local Mall
  • Build a Bear
  • Pumpkin Patch
  • Hay Ride
  • Apple Tree Farm
  • Starved Rock
  • Forest Preserves (tons more of those)
  • Circus
  • Fairs & Festivals
  • VBS
  • Kid Shows at an Arena
  • State Capital
  • Ceramic Store
  • Storytime at the Library
  • Farmer's Markets

All of these things and more I want my children to experience. And if I didn't have my list, then I wouldn't of remembered half of them.
So therefore ladies, don't feel bad about having a list (or 2 or 3, or 10) cause you and only you know how your thinker works and if you need a list, then by golly make one!!! =)


  1. I make lists all the time! We have done half of the things on your list!

  2. I have a list similar to this on my blog It's My Bucket List :) I took my son to Story Hour this summer it was GREAT!!! I still have to post about it I'm a little behind. We have a lot of the same items on our list, guess because we have boys! *HIGH FIVE*