Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I should update

I realize that i haven't updated since july 3rd. I don't really have the mindset to really sit and write a lot. My brain has been so full of a million different things.
I'm going to school in August, i'm trying to find a new job, i'm trying to deal with the overwhelming guilt I feel everytime i think of divorcing my husband, i'm trying to be a good mom, etc etc.
I'm mostly updating this because I hope to start writing more, once i start getting a little more time to focus. I am working on cleansing my soul of doubts, so hopefully i'll be writing a lot more.
Till then, i can't focus, and will be back soon.


  1. he's cute! curly :D

    ps: i follow and linked your blog :D

  2. hello... you can follow me now. I forgot to put my follow gadget in site. :)