Sunday, June 23, 2013

Happy Birthday Jude... and some other stuff

LOL. I don't know why its so incredibly hard for me to remember to blog. It's not like I don't have the time, sitting here at the computer twiddling my thumbs. OH but wait! I haven't had the time. This month has been CRAZY!!! There has been a lot that happened and more still happening, so here's a recap:
Early in the month we were just busy doin playdates every now and then, daddy was home so we spent a lot of time with him too.
Then the 13th rolls around and its my mom's 60th birthday so we celebrated that. Then on the 16th Brandon left for work again and it was Father's Day so we went to my parents.
The 17th was Jude's Neverland Pirates party
 that we had with the friends from the play group. This was followed by a super busy week. The 19th was his actual birthday and we went to chuck e. cheese because he wanted to go there with his little friend Emma, who I babysit. After we left there we ate dinner at Cracker Barrel because that's where my little man wanted to go.
 Then Thursday I went to the Doctor about the lump on my thigh and it turns out that it's some small nodular mass and they will take it out this coming Thursday. Then Friday I worked again and we went to a Movie in the park. Saturday was a train ride and a small birthday dinner with Grammie and Grammpa.
Today we went to church. Hallejuah, i really needed it.
Then we went to our friend maddie's party. He had fun playing in the water fountain and making mud. He truly is a boy.
Tomorrow the weather is supposed to be nice and hot so we're going on another play date to the splash pad. We are busy little bees, us Balkoms.
Anyway, the rest of the month is going to start slowing down and we don't have a lot planned for July yet, but i'm sure it will fill up fast.
I am waiting to hear a tuition price for 1 more school and if it's decent we'll go tour it. If it something we can do, then we may put him there. Otherwise I will home school him. I want to anyway, I just lack the confidence that I will give him the stability and structure that he needs. I think it's one of those things that I just have to jump in and try it in order to be sure, but I dunno. This part of life will be "to be continued"....
I'm heading to bed now. Super tired and have to get up when the boy does (cause he's got this new thing where he likes to be destructive...) Sweet dreams!

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